No. Wor. Por. Sor. 3/2553
Wat Pa Sisaengtham
212  Mu 5 Ban Dongdip
Huay Yang
Khong Jiam District
Ubon Ratchathani 34220
August 16, 2010

Subject:  Request for monetary support for the enlargement of the school hall and canteen
To:    Chairman of Duang Kaew Foundation
1.    One copy of the construction project for a charity Buddhism school
2.    The plan of the expanded area
3.    A picture of the former building
4.    The enlargement plan and estimated cost

Wat Pa Sisaengtham, Ban Dongdip,  Huay Yang Sub-district, Khong Jiam District, Ubon Ratchathani is in the process of constructing school buildings under the charity Buddhism school project. This project is established following the Royal sufficiency economy concept, and the school applies the concept in the teaching and learning based on Buddhism and thamma life leading. The students do not pay any tuition or expenses since the school’s purpose is to increase educational opportunities among the villagers. Presently, two buildings and a hall/canteen have been constructed at an amount of 2,600,000 baht (two million and six hundred thousand baht).

With the present number of 105 students, the hall/canteen building is being used to its full capacity. Therefore, during the next academic year, when more students are enrolled, the space will be inadequate. At this stage, I have requested the Krating Dang Company for assistance on an 18-classroom building and the company has already contacted us.

We are seeking monetary support for the expansion of the hall, covering an area of 198 square meters, form the Duang Kaew Foundation. The cost of this expansion has been estimated at 354,780 baht (Three hundred fifty four thousand and seven hundred and eighty baht).   We hope that you will kindly take this matter into consideration and I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely

(Phra Khru Wimon Panyakhun)

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